Mothers. 4 months of life

NewbornAt this age, a newborn's loved toy - he is. The newborn constantly trying to shape out who he is and where he feels. He likes to touch his face, his hands feeling a nose, mouth, thin hair. By 4 weeks, a lot of kids are yet connected together both hand and alternately play any of them.An important feature of this time is the rapid development of emotions. At the sight of my mother pipsqueak expresses its joy not only to smile - the parents first hear his laugh. The baby becomes more sociable, so the placement is strive to take it everywhere with you. You can apply a portable deck chair or stroller.Currently the newborn explores the world through direct interaction with it. Let's son or daughter "helps" you in domestic affairs, there for lunch or dinner, "engaged" in conversations. Scarce longer waits passively, when to talk to him or his smile. He is looking for a person, then smiles, babbles and makes us smile in return.  Care of a newborn. Same Baby.articles:Mums. Early baby progressChildMums. GipolaktatsiyaNewbornMoms. Massage infantChild.

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