Mums. Causes of lactase deficiency

BabyLactase deficiency or lactose intolerance occurs for some causes.This condition occurs in infants born prematurely. For a first time begins to produce lactase in the intestine at a 24th week of fetal growth, and with every 30 days a process is becoming more intense. In infants who were born prematurely, a production of this enzyme in a aging body does not gain traction. Like wait for - and anything will return to rule.About children is congenital lactase deficiency (which is inherited with a parents.) And it leads to a failure at the genetic level. In this case, the baby's doctors to alleviate the condition persists, but can not cure it completely.Violation of lactase production is purchased - it arises because of the disease. Try as much as possible to eliminate the cause that led to the problem, and lactase will be produced in sufficient quantities.  Leaving of a newborn. Resembling posts:Moms. Plans foodsChildMoms. Alcohol and warm-feedingNewbornChild. Rickets and Vitamins DBaby.

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