Child. Baby Massage: Questions and Answers

NewbornPhysical jerks and massotherapy are valuable at any age, but is particularly important in a first year of baby's life. For at the present time, there is a bookmark hygiene for many years.How long does a massotherapy, and how many sessions includes a course?The session lasts at a start of a course of around an hour. By the middle of the load increases, but all depends on a baby: any babies have tired after 20 minutes, while others are engaged in 40-45 minutes. Usually carried out 10 sessions. Clearly positive trend seen in the 12-13th session.When you can do a second course of a massage the child?It depends on a medical man's testimony, but not earlier than one 30 days after the previous one. A recommended frequency of once per quarter.The medic often advised to make "bodily therapy massotherapy +", what is it?Medic exercises complex - a system of exercises for various ages, expanding various muscle groups. Held immediately of the the massage, when a muscles are warmed up.Appointed a massotherapy, and in the clinic of all, if It is possible to hold yourself child massage sessions?If a massotherapy is prescribed by a doctor, he was referring to a especial medicinal proceedings and not just toning stroking. Therefore it is required to wait for the turn, and if you can afford it, it is complete to invite a specialist at home.Frequently at the end of the session a masseuse rolls kid on the ball, why? And whether you require to buy a ball for home apply?Of course you can buy, however properly riding on the ball strengthens a vestibular system helps to relax a muscles, helps with colic and improves coordination. So, we need bear in mind that it is desirable to put on a ball just golenkogo kid dressed however may slip.This action is valuable to combine with air baths. Well, if a much method you showed someone with experienced moms. The chief thing - do not ride a newborn in one direction, it can create your head spin. Whimper - just shoot, there is a risk that a child dislikes the ball once and for all, although this is quite rare. A diameter of the ball at least 60 centimeters, but perfect - more. Fit ball with "horns."Ofttimes, a child has used to one massage therapist, and has been actively protesting against the other. What is it?Massotherapy - this is not alone a bodily effect, but as well an effectual energy exchange. We masseuse can be a bad mood or energy does not fit a newborn. Sometimes babies do not like tall women's voices or certain smells. In a 1-st 2-3 sessions a baby has a rightly to protest: it is not "ordered" this aunt. As try to calm a child and are in sight until he gets used to a new masseuse.Recommend to swim in a bathtub. Why do it?If you resolve to go for a swim bath home, hurry up: soon will be too late. A kid just does not "fit in the rotation." Swimming - a wonderful technique of healing the aging body. It relieves muscle tone, developing respiratory system, calms a nerves. Of the a bath the children sleep better. Just ask the service technician to show you a duo of times this process. And most importantly - do not be afraid of a most, because a fear is transmitted to the kid. But if a child crying in a h2o - swimming must immediately discontinue, or cease to love it for a long time water treatments.Why do I need a massotherapy? Often our mothers or grandmothers say, "We are no massage you do, and nothing!"What approximately "nothing" - a big matter. Few men of our generation may boast of perfect hygiene. Benefits of massage is evident, because a small man lacks intrinsic activity and energy he has lots. During a sessions, he learns lots approximately the possibilities of his own body. It turns out, arms and legs are not only for your sluggish waggle while lying in bed.Of the a course of child massotherapy and even while he toddlers start to develop faster and more actively explore a world. It is believed that even a perfectly healthy newborn up to 1 year to go done 3 massotherapy course, if there is no specific medic indications. Following a year and along get enough intrinsic performance.What time of time is best to carry out a process of massage?Preferably the satisfying, after a massotherapy - a charge of vivacity for the entire day. And the mode of the time a baby will not have to break.Nearing a end of a course of massotherapy, so the medic has prescribed vaccinations. Whether it is possible to combine?Often there are complications later vaccination, including fever. In this case, a massotherapy is contraindicated. Install aside a duo of days vaccinations, we Think about that the physician you go to a meeting, because massage is effective alone if the course brought to an end.The newborn diathesis, however a medic has prescribed massage. May it be done?No, because a material effects will alone exacerbate the rash. Would first enjoy to defeat a diathesis, then proceed to massage.You enjoy decided to do the child massage for yourself, you want to know that.It is a bold decision, but we recommend first to pick up particular courses. But if you possess yet started, a movement want take place only "massotherapy lines" from the periphery to a center. Do not touch a area of the lymph nodes (under the arms and behind the knees), groin and breasts, It is possible to not act directly on the spine: alone bottom - up, no closer than 1 centimeterIt is unacceptable to touch a space of a heart, with the neck skin and head need be handled extremely carefully. Massotherapy speed to match the speed of the movement of lymph: some 2 centimeter per second.   Maintenance of a baby. Alike Mothers.articles:Hair loss after giving birthdayChildNewborn attention. BreastfeedingBabyMothers. Teething in babiesChild.

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