Service of a baby. Child Massage: Questions and Answers

NewbornGyms and massage are effective at the age, but is especially influential in a first year of newborn's life. For now, there is a bookmark health for many years.So long does a massotherapy, and as a lot of sessions includes a course?The session lasts at a beginning of a course of about an hour. By a middle of a loading increases, but all depends on a baby: any babies have tired after 20 minutes, while others are engaged in 40-45 minutes. Normally carried out 10 sessions. Clearly positive trend seen in a 12-13th session.When you can do a second course of the massotherapy the newborn?It depends on a medic's testimony, but not earlier than one 30 days following the previous one. A recommended frequency of once per quarter.The doctor occasionally advised to do "material therapy massage +", what is it?Medicinal exercises complex - a system of exercises for different ages, cultivating different muscle groups. Читать полностью -->

Care of a baby. Breast-feeding Mother alcohol is banned

ChildAlcohol apply during warm-feeding should be prohibited. A level of alcohol in a body rises about an hour after eating, and for its complete removal askes some hours. After receiving a spirits, the child may get lethargic, depressed, or vice versa, to behave unusually efficient and excited.  Newborn upkeep. Same Maintenance of a child.articles:Gymnastics for childrenBabyNewborn leaving. Analysis of breast natural milkNewbornChild upkeep. Baby MassotherapyChild. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Teething

BabyTeething in kids - at times a significant case is a real challenge for most kid, but for his inner circle. The process of tooth growth begins long earlier a birth of a child, or rather, a 6-8th 7 days of pregnancy. 1-st, there are 20 milk teeth buds, and by some a 20th week of pregnancy has already formed a beginnings of the permanent teeth, which are located deeper, right under the dairy.  Same posts:Care of a newborn. Child 9 monthsChildNewborn service. Dining nursing momsBabyTeething in infantsChild. . Читать полностью -->

Attention of a newborn. 7.U correct mothers newborn is naughty

BabyA kid was not crying, and does not get sick, he remained a myth of a patriarchal minutes, when motherhood was a alone area in which a woman 18 years old could be considered competent. A kid may cry and capricious, and hurt - it does not depend on the "grade" of your moms and dads. But if a mum takes each alarming situation how evidence of his insolvency and feels guilty, it is gravely to take a required measures.To cope with the guilt, you want give up a fantasy of his own omnipotence. This fantasy does mum feel responsible for all that happens, forgetting that the baby does not live inside it, and following to it.  Baby care. Like articles:Baby service. Strabismus babiesChildMothers. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. Vitamin for nursing

ChildYou breastfeed? Pick up leaving of your ration, take exceptional vitamins complexes for nursing mums. If you are going to beautify breastfeeding, the specialist will consult what combination of vitamins will help your child better cope with the transition to the adult regimen. Treat however a tonic to the assistants. After all, you get one goal - the child was healthy.Vitamins for kidsSources of vitamin for babiesVitamins for children with 2 years   Same articles:Child leaving. Child Building 3 weeksBabyCare of a baby. Night-feedingBabyNewborn. Читать полностью -->

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